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Ballyvourney West Cork

Ballyvourney is a little village in West Cork, where you will be sure to hear Irish spoken. It is located in a stunning rural and peaceful setting. The village is overlooked by St Gobnait's Shrine on the hill where people still go to pray as St Gobnait was known as a healer to the people.

Here in Ballyvourney, St Gobnait's Well is located in a peaceful setting, there you will find the well with a tree nearby, where people over the years have left many items for themselves or people in need of healing. St Abban was also associated with Ballyvourney.

It was where Seán Ó Ríordáin, the poet was born and where the well known composer Seán Ó Riada and man responsible for the revival of the traditional Irish music, is buried.

Ballyvourney County Cork

Ballyvourney is a great place for walking as the area is surrounded by lush countryside, hills and valleys, with cycling routes to explore, and horse riding or fly fishing locally, and set in the Gaeltacht area you are sure to come across lots of traditional Irish music and dance sessions.

It is just 15 minutes to Macroom busy town or 50 minutes to Cork and 30 minutes to County Kerry. Ideal to explore by car, whether you would like to hire a car at Cork Airport or in Kerry and drive this beautiful peaceful rural setting abounding with history and areas of interest. Nearby are the Irish speaking villages of Ballingeary & Coolea so come and explore.

Ballyvourney Thatched Cottage

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