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Beara Peninsula

The Beara Peninsula is rich in sites of historical and archaeological interest, from wedge tombs which are thousands of years old to church sites of more recent origin. The area is doted with stone circles, alignments and gallauns.

There are a number of Martello towers, from Dursey Island and Garnish to Bere Island, which has two. Thre are also a number of ogham stones, on of which is the largest in the world. Many of these sites are open to the public. The area is ideal for West Cork Walking and Cycling with a range of great beaches available.

Beara Way

For the most part the Beara Way is off tarred roads following old roads and leading along the hills with the agreement of farmers taking in some of West Cork's stunning peninsula. It is 125 miles long, stretching from Kenmare to Glengarriff, West to Dursey, and back along the North side to the peninsula of Kenmare. Bere Island is also included and it takes in part of the O'Sullivan Bere Way.


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