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Cork City Gaol

Cork City Gaol

The old Cork City Gaol is located 2km from Cork City's main thoroughfare, a 20 minute walk from Cork City Centre, this castle like prison, Cork City Gaol, once housed prisoners in the 19th century, often in wretched conditions. Wandering through the impressive wings of Cork City Gaol, the atmosphere suggests you are accompanied by the shuffling feet of inmates, each representing their particular period in Irish history from pre-famine times to the foundation of the State.

Along with recounting Cork history, Cork City Gaol is also worth a visit to appreciate the Georgian/Gothic architectural work which is Cork City Gaol.

Cork City Gaol

Cells furnished with life-size wax figures, sound effects and fascinating exhibitions together with a spectacular sound and image presentation tell the social history and contrasting lifestyles of 19th Century Cork and why some people turned to crime. The Gaol experience includes individual sound tour English/ French/ German/ Italian/ Irish & Spanish). Personal guided tours arranged on prior request.

Cork City Gaol built in castle like lay out with the main section and two impressive wings either side in perfectly shaped circular towers, magnificently laid out in proportion. Souvenir & refreshment areas, friendly staff and good facilities combine with this unique interpretation to offer the individual, group or family visitors a memorable experience and to view some great architecture at Cork City

If you are close to University College Cork (UCC) and the Lewis Glucksman Gallery or the beautiful Cork City public park which is Fitzgeralds Park you can just enjoy a walk across Daly's Bridge (The Shakey Bridge) and up Sundays Well area taking a left up the hill for the old Cork City Gaol, this walk will take a bit, so allow time for it and there is an incline up the hill. Alternatively why not take the Cork City Tour Bus with the hop on and hop off bus option anywhere along the route of Cork City Tour including from Cork City Centre.

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