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Crosshaven County Cork
Crosshaven Royal Yacht Club
Crosshaven Royal Yacht Club
Crosshaven County Cork

Crosshaven Visitor Attractions

Crosshaven Attractions

Crosshaven has a number of attractions for visitors to this local waterside village, things to do and see locally in Crosshaven. There is an amusement arcade with kiddy rides in the village. Crosshaven being located waterside has lots of Sailing Events taking place throughout the year in Crosshaven, one such event was the Ford Race Week.

Another lively event held previously was as the Irish Redhead Convention in Crosshaven village. A day of fun filled events, music and general good humour for all the Redheads and visitors alike. There are lots of great areas to walk and cycle around Crosshaven, little beaches and coves to explore.

Crosshaven Yatch Club & Marina

Crosshaven Yatch Club, claim being one of the worlds oldest yatch clubs in the world, since the 1700's. The Yatch Club hosts a number of sailing events throughout the year and played host to the Ford Week Sailing Festival for many years. Enjoy a stroll waterside and enjoy a view of the many boats moored there and the general air of calm.

Crosshaven Walks

Crosshaven Beaches & Coves

Crosshaven offers numerous walking options to suit walkers of all fitness levels:

  • Walk, Cycle or Run along the old railway line, beautifully finished, safe for walkers and cyclists alike and parking at several points.
  • Waterside around Crosshaven village
  • Enjoy the climb up to Camden Fort.
  • Explore the beaches out of the village up Graball Bay.

Camden Fort Meagher

A great family day out in Crosshaven can be experienced at Camden Fort Meagher, to experience military life in times gone by. Visit the many great displays to be found in the old officers huts and billets.

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