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Lough Hyne

A nature lover's paradise, Lough Hyne and its beauty is so enchanting and its marine life so unique and varied, it is Ireland's first Marine Nature Reserve. This unique lake and its surrounds are home to a rich and varied range of plants and animals, including many rare and beautiful species.

This sea water lake can be best viewed from a height so take some time and explore the Knockomagh Woods enroute up the hill to enjoy the views down over Lough Hyne.

Lough Hyne is located just a couple of miles out of Skibbereen town, so make a family day out of it.

Since it was ‘discovered’ by marine biologists in 1886, scientists have carried out pioneering research in experimental ecology. Their continued research into the factors governing the distributions of marine animals and plants make Lough Hyne on of the most studied marine sites of Europe.

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