Last Updated: 30th March, 2019

Cloyne is a small village in East Cork, yet it has a cathedral and an important climbable Round Tower. The Cathedral has many a famous son – Bishop Berkley, the internationally renowned philosopher, after whom the town of Berkeley in California is named, was the bishop of Cloyne for 30 years. Bishop Brinkley, an important astronomer, is entombed there.


Perhaps the most popularly celebrated son of GAA MAD Cloyne is Christy Ring. It is expected that proper respect be paid at his statue in Chapel Street! Not to be outdone by Shanagarry, Cloyne too has its own castle on the outskirts of the village. Castle Mary was the seat of the Longfield family since the 17th Century and they were one of the leading Anglo Irish families in County Cork. Here the remains of a druid altar can still be seen near the orchard. Cloyne’s personal fairy goddess was called Mor. Cloyne - Meadow of the Caves.

Although there is evidence of human activity since about 2000 BC. Cloyne really came into its own in 560 BC when St. Coleman founded his monastery here. Built on a network of caves which are all but impassable it is rumoured that in the penal days priests used a secret underground link from Cloyne House to the catholic graveyard in order to say mass for the people.

The Cathedral and Tower can be visited by requesting a key from the key keeper within the grounds.

Cloyne is just a mere 10 minutes drive from Midleton town, and find some great beaches locally at Shanagarry, Garryvoe and Ballycotton.

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