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Ahakista, Co.Cork, Ireland, Tel: 027 67030

Probably one of the strangest Japanese Restaurants worldwide,from a geographic as well as from a culinary viewpoint. The village of Ahakista is located in the farwest corner of southern Ireland. The restaurant is run by the German Werner Pilz and his Japanese wife Kei. They have three tables in their private living room for a total of 18 guests. You have to call in advance as they only prepare as many dishes as guests are expected. The entrées are chosen by Mr.Pilz himself and for the main course there is a menu with several dishes. With a glass of umeshu you can sit in front of the open fire place and choose from the extensive wine list.

As the menu changes daily there is no dish which is specially recommended. The menu offers a good selection of the Japanese cuisine and the prices are reasonable. So take your time and drive there.

 Mr. Werner Pilz introduces himself during the dinner in a kind of Peter Sellars intonation as 'the oldest waiter in Ireland' (mid 80's) and loves to tell stories from his exciting life. From his home town of Berlin he left for Australia to smuggle industrial diamonds, bought a goldmine, went back to Germany, bought the yacht from the prince of Hohenzollern and sailed around the world. Married several times he finally ended up in Japan and married his wife Kei, an artist, who apart from pictorously preparing Sushi, specialises in Japanese watercolour calligraphy and paintings. Ireland finally got them settled. While Mr. Pilz is serving and telling stories his wife prepares the dishes. Only for the dessert Mrs. Pilz leaves the kitchen and is introduced to the guests.

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