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Wildlife Wonders of Youghal, Birding, Wildlife, and Natural History Holiday Breaks (Ireland).

Situated in East Cork Youghal (pronounced Yawl) is a heritage town surrounded by wetlands, rivers, mudflats, and estuaries. Home to variety of birds and small riverside mammals.

Whether your passion is for flora, fauna or general natural history, choosing Youghal (rural region) as a holiday destination provides an excellent base to visit many other sites and natural habitats.

Go in silence and you'll see nature's wonders (Damien Enright) Ballyvergan reed bed (246 hectares) and pond.

Species: birds, butterflies, moths dragonflies, and damselflies.

Mammals: Otters, Pygmy Shrew, Stoat, Pipistrelle Bat, and Leisler's Bat.

Access: hide and car park. (admission free).

Pilmore Strand: shoreline, and small lagoons.

Species: Dunlin, Golden Plover, Brent Geese, (Buff-breasted Sandpiper, and White-rumped Sandpiper has also accrued in autumn).

Access: by road,

Other sites: Ballymacoda and Knockadoon Head, Foxhole and Youghal Bridge Mudflats, Blackwater Estuary (boat trip).
All sites referred to are easily accessible by road.

For further information :
- Contact: Anne Marie Coleman (Suain Aras (Guesthouse).

Telephone 02492715

Reference booklet " The Wildlife Wonders of Youghal"


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Contact:  Mrs. Anne Marie Coleman
Ballyvergan East, Cork Road, Youghal,
Co. Cork, Ireland.
Tel: +353 (0)24 92715

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